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Updates of 10/5/08

New Music Layout (NKOTB)

Updates of 6/1/08

New Music Layout (Tyga)

New Dance Layout

New Family Avatar

Updates of 5/24/08

New Miscellaneous Avatar

New Colorful Layouts

Hello everyone and welcome to my page! I did all all the graphics you will find here, unless otherwise noted. I was always interested in art and as the time changed and technology advanced, I went along with the changes. From paper to canvas to computer screens, I found myself moving through different mediums. Iíve been doing graphics since about 2002 and after six years of learning new techniques I finally decided to pursue my dream of having my own website to display my work. Feel free to use the graphics on your pages, all I ask is that you maintain the code in its entirety and not redistribute my work unless I have given prior written consent. As of right now, the graphics I have up are free.
I do put out a semi-regular newsletter with any updates I make to the page, so feel free to sign up for it under the "Contact" section. I hate Spam emails as much as anyone else, so don't worry about getting SPAM from me, I will not sell any emails to third parties because that's just not how I do things. You can also opt-out of emails at anytime.